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Many sports clubs nowadays suffer from financial deficits, or the sporting ambitions do not match the possible investments that the board can make. In addition, investments have to be made in many small things and many small things together often cost a lot. Task for a club to deal with it creatively. An auction is not even such a crazy idea to fill the clubhouse. But before the auction can be realized, a lot of preparatory work will have to take place. And although every auction is different, this item can be used as a handy scenario. With this you can see if you have really forgotten anything. The auction is organized step by step here on paper. Starting with the idea.

The idea

The idea is simple, an auction. But the auction can also be divided into a number of categories, for example, do you hold an auction where only services are made available? Can the participants only bring in sports equipment? Or do you build the auction in different categories? It is all possible and therefore wise to think about it seriously. Then of course there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind beforehand. Because what is a suitable date? You hold the auction to raise as much money as possible, so it is important that as much money as possible is available. And most money is of course available when the salary is paid, the last week of the month, or in the most extreme case the first week, is perfectly suited for this. Also communicate early that an auction is coming and on which day this is, so that people can note it in their agenda.


Of course it is important to be able to accommodate as many people as possible when the auction is in progress. In most cases, a sports club has its own canteen and is therefore ideally suited to hold the auction. But also think of a location where you can store your auction items. Of course this must be done under lock and key.

Downloading auction items

The start has been made, the idea has been realized, the location has been investigated and the auction has been communicated to the members of the club. Now it's time to get auction items. There are different ways for that. Because the idea of ​​the auction was: Spek de clubkas, it is wise to only apply the following option if you have been unable to arrange too few auction items. That goes as follows, you buy for a (reduced) amount for example and a weekend in Paris, or another nice and somewhat unique auction item. The price that you have paid for the item is also the minimum amount that you are going to ask at the auction itself. However, do this only when you are really in need, because there are two more options. The next option is to ask your own members, or the parents of the members, if they want to make something available. There are always parents / members who love to bake a cake, look after an evening or do something else creative. Always think in advance what you want and what you don't. A stack of pens is of course nice, but this is not really going to make you big. Where the big money can often be earned, is with the sponsors of the club. Tell the idea of ​​the auction and tell them that it is a win-win situation for them, they have enormous benefits when making auction items available. The name of the company is of course guaranteed to be mentioned, name recognition is being worked on, and the members of the club will also appreciate the company because they are committed to their club. An ideal opportunity to generate extra customers and to create a more positive image. Of course, also invite the sponsors to come to the auction.

The auctioneer

The auctioneer is not entirely unimportant. This may perhaps just bring in that extra one hundred or two hundred euros. It is therefore important to put a good auctioneer on the podium. One with a quick chat, one that also highlights the company, one that makes your auction a success. So don't take every random person. But put effort into finding the ideal auctioneer, he will get that little bit extra out of it.

Search the publicity

The basis of the auction has now been established, we can safely say that the entire auction has already been arranged. Now it's up to the club to earn money. Contact all members of the club anyway. Send a direct mail to them, so that the invitation comes across as very personal. In addition, keep a list of available auction items and ensure that this is listed on the website up-to-date. Another possibility to search for publicity is by sending a press release to the local media. The more unique the articles, the greater the chance that the message will be picked up and published.

The auction

Now the auction can actually start. Create a cozy atmosphere and let the auction items go out for huge amounts. Just think a tactic how to bid. A common method is the use of signs. This also allows you to immediately note which number the bid has made. The numbers are registered in advance, so that all required information is already known. Another possibility is to use raising hands. With this it is important that the final buyers of the item immediately write down their name after purchasing the product or service. When this is also realized, we can state that you are ready for it.
Once again sold!

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