What is thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy is on the rise, but we often have to go abroad for it ... and then also to the coastal areas. Certainly countries such as France and Tunisia are known to have many thalassotherapy resorts, but you can also experience the benefits closer to home. Thalassotherapy can be a real treat especially for the skin, muscles and joints.

What is it?

The name owes the therapy to the primal goddess: "Thalassa of the Sea". The Romans and Greeks were already aware that the sea has a healing effect and baths were then often filled with sea water. Today's thalassotherapy is based on what was put down in France in the second half of the 19th century or put forward what the Romans and Greeks had already devised. Biologist Quinton started from the fact that the human body originated in the sea and blood plasma has an almost identical composition to seawater (both in composition but also in the concentration of mineral salts, proteins and trace elements).
The baths in the spas are filled with mineralogical or organic seawater. Substances such as mud and algae are often added.

What does it do?

In addition to being beneficial to the skin, thalassotherapy is also good for emerging muscle or joint problems. For both people with psoriasis and rheumatic complaints, thalassotherapy can work well. Apart from a bit of wellness, which nobody has gotten worse from, it is also seen as a piece of prevention. It could naturally be linked to a healthy lifestyle and that means that you periodically undergo thalassotherapy. It goes without saying that the overall picture not only ensures physical well-being, but also mentally.

Vague complaints

Some people suffer from relatively "vague complaints", but complaints that are actually there. This can for example be a fatigue that cannot really be explained. But complaints that occur during the menopause or pre-menopause, such as mood changes or poor sleep, can also be addressed during thalassotherapy.
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Wellbeing goes further than wellness and where wellness responds to peace of mind, relax in a wonderful environment, wellbeing goes further when it comes to health. First an algae wrap, which is often given for a thalassotherapy bath. Afterwards, stay in a thalassotherapy bath and you can end this with a massage where you can relax. For example, be massaged with orange oil, until you almost sleep. If you have some "knots" in the muscles, then the pressure can be increased somewhat.

Spa program

Special trips are now being organized, for example, to spend a week or so in a thalassotherapy spa. If you book such a trip, you will not only get a lot of luxury but also a program that naturally includes the thalasso baths on a daily basis. Usually you have some different programs in which you can participate.
Most programs do have the aforementioned algae package in the package. Algae packings can have a positive effect on:
  • Detoxifying the skin.
  • Improve the moisture level of the skin.
  • Purifying the skin, which can work well with acne, for example.
  • It works against cellulite.

In addition, special facial treatments are often added, especially cleansing, oxygen-enriching and moisturizing. Those who love natural products will find an abundance of natural-based products here.
Incidentally, there are also more spas in the Netherlands that offer thalassotherapy. This can also be packed in a day package.


The sauna, spa baths, packings and massages are all good and especially relaxing for the body. If a special spa, such as thalasso, can do something extra for you, that is only included. In any case, it is good for body and soul, so a day or a tip of a few days is never wasted money.

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