How do you get a good posture?

You grow up and except that in your younger years you can work on a deviation in the posture, in all other cases you assume that your posture is good. Certainly if you are not immediately bothered by it, it is not strange that you assume the right attitude. Yet quite a few people actually do not have such a good posture at all.
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When to take action?

Strictly speaking, it is of course best to know at a young age whether your posture is right. The fanatical sportsmen sometimes have a sports investigation. Then, if necessary, work is done on correction, because with a correct posture you have less chance of injury *. However, if a wrong posture is not visible, you are not from a sport-minded family or you are not bothered by anything, then there is no reason to go to the doctor for example.
Complaints due to a wrong attitude usually only come if you have had a wrong attitude for a long time. At that time you can often still correct, but it is much more difficult. You also have to take attitude that you are busy until that wrong attitude has disappeared.
* Injuries that are common are: shoulder, spine and knee injuries.

The right attitude

The best posture is when your head is balancing on top of the spine. You then have no fixed or stiff position. Your spine forms a natural vertical S-shape (do not pull a too hollow back). It sounds so simple, but that is certainly not the case. For this posture you need to use the right muscles at the right time with the right effort. We sometimes call it 'a proud attitude'.

Balance between body and mind

An attitude is something you can learn, but what can help you are the techniques that bring about an interplay between body and mind. If you are not aware of a wrong attitude and maybe it is not there, then it is good to think about it occasionally. Because you think about it, you more or less automatically straighten your back and open your chest.
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There are some aspects that you can 'walk by' in your mind. It is irrelevant whether you walk, stand or sit at that moment. Think about:
  • Do I have my back in a straight position? (especially while sitting behind the computer, this sometimes goes wrong.)
  • Did I not shrug my shoulders? (The muscles in your neck and neck may become completely stuck.)
  • Do I give my organs sufficient space? (You achieve this by pulling back the shoulder blades and opening your chest. It is also an attitude that literally and figuratively gives air.)

If you think about this regularly and then correct yourself, you can achieve a better attitude. This is a process that you need to take a long time for, but with which you can achieve absolute success.


We sometimes underestimate it, but a lot of stress can also be disastrous for good posture. The muscles contract - often in the wrong places - and the mind responds to that. This way you run the risk of ending up in a vicious circle.
You get stress out of your body in different ways, but a simple exercise is to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure you have good body support and make yourself aware of your body. You have to maintain this and repeat it with some regularity. But virtually everyone has a way to get stress out of the body.


It is one to write about the right attitude, but doing it is a different story. There are some tools and exercises to achieve the correct posture.


Stand with both feet on the floor and leave the feet slightly apart. Now distribute your weight over both feet and keep the knees slightly bent. Tilt the pelvis and lightly tighten the pelvic floor muscles and abs. Now lift your chest a little and your rib cage unfolds as it were. The shoulders must be relaxed and you pull them back slightly. To have your head in the right place, you can put your thumb and index finger in an L shape. Then place the index finger at the bottom of the chin and the thumb on the chest. The L shape must be maintained. Feel the flexibility of your spine versus the spine that is rigid and almost fixed. If you are in the right position you can draw a straight line from your ear to the outside of your foot.
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To know if you are walking well, it is good to walk in the woods. It may sound strange, because you have to keep your balance in the forest. After all, the surface is not the same as the footpath is. Your foot joints constantly try to correct and to walk obstacles. Your upper body is now swinging in a relaxed manner, as it were. Doing this regularly is absolutely good for your posture. Moreover, walking in the forest can also relieve stress.


The current occupations, and there are quite a few, should actually be ergonomically tested as standard. Unfortunately, not every employer does this. Yet it is essential for your posture behind the desk.
Ergonomic testing looks at the height of the desk, the computer screen and the desk chair. Gives the chair sufficient support, is it at the right height and what are the consequences for the feet (possibly a foot rise). Sometimes special cushions or a sitting ball can even give the right variety to achieve a good posture.
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Shoes are pre-eminently important aids for good posture. High heels are bad, that is well known. High heels stretch the muscles in your ankles and partially secure your knees. Your legs must be able to work with all facets when you walk and that means that you wear shoes that provide sufficient support to achieve optimum walking. They don't necessarily have to be sports shoes, as long as they are shoes with good comfort. Although it is often not feasible, walking barefoot is actually best. What is usually feasible is the variety. If you can walk barefoot at home, do so.


It is good for your whole body if you have a correct posture. Of course it helps if you are advised of a good attitude at a young age. If, for whatever reason, you have developed a bad posture, make sure you correct it with help. That provides something for the rest of your life.

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