Defeat the irresistible appetite for something delicious

Where does this sudden craving for chocolate, cake, candy or chips actually come from? Despite the fact that we know that if we eat too many high-calorie products, our chance of being overweight increases, we cannot put that slice of chocolate in the cupboard out of our heads. It does not help to tell ourselves that excess body fat increases the risk of certain types of cancer: we are drawn to the sweets like a magnet. But why?

What is hunger?

Many people think that the tasty appetite is a signal from our body that we are missing certain nutrients. However, there is no evidence for this statement. Trek has nothing to do with hunger. Emotions such as stress, boredom or loneliness can play a role in our desire for food such as chocolate, cookies or other high-calorie snacks. We feel that this type of food makes us feel better.

Increased risk of cancer

We usually crave fatty or sweet snacks. It is delicious, but not at all healthy. Of course, eating sweets occasionally is good, but regularly eating a chocolate bar or a bag of chips ensures that we arrive easily and that can increase the risk of cancer. Yet we know the importance of the balance between the amount of calories that we ingest and the amount of calories that we burn. Fortunately, exercise helps us to find this balance, because exercise requires extra calories.

Helpful tips

To resist the temptation to indulge in all kinds of goodies, the following:
  1. Trek can be caused by low blood sugar. It is important to eat regularly and not skip meals. That is why we keep the blood sugar level up. A golden rule is to eat three normal meals a day and to have a healthy snack in between, such as vegetables or fruit;
  2. Tasty appetite passes again. If we get hungry it is handy to wait 10 minutes before we admit it. We can do that by distracting ourselves. A fifteen minute walk often makes the appetite disappear;
  3. The tendency does not disappear after 10 minutes, then choose a healthy alternative. Occasionally we may take something unhealthy, but do not immediately take too much;
  4. Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. It is therefore good to first drink a glass of water when we are hungry. Sometimes that helps to make the hunger disappear;
  5. Visual or other sensory stimuli can stimulate appetite. Therefore do not put goodies that are difficult to resist in view. Or even better: don't bring it home!
  6. When you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouthwash, the fresh mint taste in the mouth is often enough to make the craving disappear.

Other choice

Tasty cravings like fatty or sweet snacks can also be turned around by making a different choice:
  1. Do you fancy snacks? Then take sliced ​​vegetables with a lean dip sauce instead. Delicious, really;
  2. Take fruit instead of sweet cookies or candy. For example, grapes, an apple or a banana are very easy;
  3. Fancy a savory snack? Then choose pasta with tomato sauce or a homemade pizza with fresh vegetables;
  4. You can satisfy chocolate cravings by drinking light chocolate milk or by taking a biscuit with a little sprinkles.

Reduction in the number of calories

Eating healthy becomes a big task when you want to keep track of exactly what you eat and want to count all calories. Often you still have a hungry feeling. It is much easier to get a full feeling with fewer calories. This is possible by choosing foods that are high in fiber and water. This way you can still continue to eat the same amount but at the same time reduce the number of calories.

Feeling saturated with fewer calories

A diet based on low-calorie food can make you feel saturated with fewer calories. If you can recognize low-calorie products, you can keep your weight under control without having to count calories. How do you do that? Follow the advice below:
  1. Choose whole-grain products, because they contain more fiber than, for example, white bread or white pasta. This keeps you feeling 'full' for longer;
  2. Add fruit and vegetables to everything. Berries with muesli or extra vegetables in a pasta dish ensure fewer calories in the meal;
  3. The skin of fruit and vegetables contains a lot of fibers, so leave it there if it is possible to keep feeling full for longer;
  4. Use healthy cooking techniques, such as grilling and steaming, and bake in a non-stick pan so that you need as little fat as possible;
  5. Avoid eating high-calorie snacks such as cookies, chips, and chocolate bars.

Scientist advice

Professor Ellen Kampman is professor of nutrition and cancer at the University of Wageningen. She states that if we eat too many high-calorie products, our chance of being overweight increases. It is scientifically proven that excess body fat increases the chance of certain types of cancer. This concerns, for example, colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and esophageal cancer.
The development of cancer is complicated and the way in which body fat influences the risk of cancer is not yet completely clear. It is known that too high a weight influences the hormone balance in the body. Fat cells produce hormones such as estrogen. This can ultimately ensure that body cells grow and share faster. And with more cell division there is a greater risk of cancer, says professor Kampman.

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