The circumcision: more hygienic or not?

Fimosis is the medical reason for circumcising boys. If the foreskin cannot be pulled beyond the glans without resistance, this is called foreskin narrowing or Fimosis. It is claimed that a circumcised penis would be more hygienic and better protected against infections and diseases. But are these statements correct?

Sensitive foreskin

A number of problems on the foreskin can make it very difficult to slide the foreskin back over the glans:
  • Foreskin too long
  • Foreskin too narrow. The foreskin is a bit too narrow for the glans and one may experience discomfort when sliding the foreskin over the glans. A too narrow foreskin causes irritation of the glans and can lead to a slight inflammation of the glans, can cause a sensitive glans and can also have an effect on the erection.
  • A short frenulum or belt. The part that attaches the foreskin to the glans is too short. That actually pulls the glans down and can be a nuisance in sexual relations because you pull too much on the glans
These problems can cause the glans to become very sensitive because the glans is almost never completely bared. Because of this one often has pain while making love and one comes very often very quickly.

Possible solutions:

  • Pull the foreskin back and forth over the glans a few times a day
  • Enlargement of the foreskin: if the foreskin is too narrow, the ring can be enlarged. The disadvantage is that after this treatment you have to pull the foreskin well over the glans because otherwise you will get scarring. By pulling the foreskin over and over the glans you get a flexible scar
  • Removing the foreskin: a circumcision. The advantage of this treatment is that the glans has the chance to heal. The skin of the glans becomes thicker and you get fewer erection problems, which makes it less likely to cum. In the case of circumcision, the strap is cut and the foreskin is completely removed

The circumcision

You can opt for a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic. With a local anesthetic one gets a few injections in the penis which sometimes feels unpleasant. That is why the surgeon recommends a general anesthetic. It is much more pleasant to get a shot in the arm than a few in the penis.
The acorn becomes crooked due to a strap that is too short. During the operation one first cuts the strap through which the top of the penis comes back straight. The circumcision is then performed. Two rings are made. One on the mucous membrane, under the edge of the glans and another ring is made under the glans on the skin. It is important that very even circles are made, so that the effect is very beautiful afterwards. The foreskin is completely removed so that the glans is completely exposed. The skin has many blood vessels and they are burned through quietly. The two edges are then connected by a soluble wire. If this were not to be sewn up, it would take too long for the wound to heal. After the operation, the problem of a too long foreskin, too narrow foreskin and a deficient belt has been solved. The glans is upright and the mucous membrane can become thicker. One can also have longer relationships.

Circumcision: More hygienic or not?

An estimated 13 million boys are circumcised worldwide. There are many rumors about the circumcision. For example, a circumcised penis would be more hygienic and better protected against infections and diseases. Is that right?

Important aspects:

  • Hygiene: which penis is the purest? It could be claimed that having a foreskin is actually going to prevent infections and that they are actually purer. But on the other hand, it appears that having that foreskin due to the accumulation of urine and smegma can also be the cause of infections and that it appears rather that a circumcised penis is purer
  • Does circumcision have an effect on sex? A circumcised penis is a penis whose glans is harder and less sensitive because it is no longer protected by the foreskin. On the one hand this penis, because it is less sensitive, will need a longer time to reach a climax which is nice for a number of women and men. On the other hand, it is said that a non-circumcised penis has a glans that is fairly sensitive, because it is always encapsulated in the foreskin, which means that the action there may be faster but more intense and intense.
  • Does a circumcised penis reduce the risk of STD and cancer? With regard to circumcision and sexually transmitted diseases, the literature shows that there are tendencies to say: circumcised men are better protected against STDs and actually also against cancer
Circumcised would therefore give something more protection.

Video: Circumcision - Indications, Controversies, Complications & More. Dr. Jennifer Singer - UCLA Urology (February 2020).

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