2018 World Cup: Belgium-Brazil, live on TV and live stream

On Friday, July 6, 2018, the quarterfinals will take place between Belgium and Brazil at the World Cup. This match is played in Kazan (Russia). The kwarfinale between the 'Red Devils' and the 'Divine Canaries' can be seen live on TV. You can also view the Belgium-Brazil quarterfinals online via live stream.

2018 World Cup

Russia is the host of the 2018 World Cup. The opening game of this football championship took place on 14 June. 32 countries are taking part, a total of 52 games are being played at this football championship. The final of the 2018 World Cup will be played on Sunday, July 15 in the Russian capital Moscow.

Location: Kazan

This quarter final of the World Cup is played in the Russian city of Kazan. This place has traditionally been a busy trade center and is located on the border between Europe and Asia. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan, which is one of the autonomous republics within the Russian Federation. In 2018, Kazan has approximately 1.1 million inhabitants.
The quarterfinals between Belgium and Brazil take place in the Kazan Arena. This stadium was opened in 2013. It has a capacity of more than 45,000 spectators. It is the home of the Rubin Kazan club. In addition, it has already been used for various major events, including the Summer University of 2013 and the Confederations Cup 2017. A total of six games will be played in this stadium during the 2018 World Cup. The Brazil-Belgium quarter-final is the sixth and final World Cup competition that takes place here. The stadium has 'the largest TV screen in Europe'.

Brazil at the 2018 World Cup

Brazil was in the first round of the World Cup in group E. Their first game they played 1-1 draw against Switzerland. Brazil won 2-0 against Costa Rica in the second group match. The third and final group match was won by Brazil 2-0 against Serbia. The Brazilians thus gained a total of seven points and became the winner of group E. Subsequently, Brazil won 2-0 in the eighth final against Mexico and thus qualified for the Brazil-Belgium quarter-final.

Belgium at the 2018 World Cup

The Red Devils won all three group matches in the group stage. Panama was defeated by Belgium 3-0, Tunisia the Belgians won 5-2 and England was defeated by the Red Devils 1-0. Belgium was naturally the group winner and so they qualified for the eighth final. In this, Belgium won 3-2 against Japan. Through this victory, they qualified for the Belgium-Brazil quarter-final.

Lineups and statistics: Belgium-Brazil (July 6, 2018)

The competition starts at 8:00 pm CET (Belgian and Dutch time). The referee was Mazic (Serbia). There were 42,873 spectators. Belgium won the competition and thus qualified for the Belgium-France semi-final.

Setup Belgium (and points)

Courtois, Alderweireld, Kompany, Vertonghen, Meunier, Fellaini, De Bruyne, Witsel, Chadli (Vermaelen / 83), Lukaku (Tielemans / 87) and E.Hazard.

Setup Brazil (and bills)

Alisson, Fagner, Silva, Miranda, Marcelo, Paulinho (Augusto / 73), Fernandinho, Coutinho, Willian (Firmino / 46), Jesus (Costa / 58) and Neymar.

Belgium-Brazil result: 2-1

  • Goals Belgium: Fernandinho (13 / own goal) and De Bruyne (31)
  • Brazil goal: Augusto (76)

Yellow cards

  • Belgium: Alderweireld and Menier
  • Brazil: Fernandinho and Fagner

Live on TV: Belgium-Brazil with Sporza and the NOS

The quarterfinals between Belgium and Brazil at the 2018 World Cup will be broadcast live on TV on July 6 by Flemish public broadcaster VRT (Sporza) and Dutch public broadcaster NOS (Studio Sport).

Belgium-Brazil live on TV at Sporza

The live TV broadcast by Sporza of the match between Brazil and Belgium takes place on the Flemish channel VRT one. On that channel they already start around 6:20 PM with the first part of their live preview on the Belgium-Brazil quarter-final. That first part of the Sporza preview on this quarterfinals ends at 7:00 PM, as Het Journaal is then broadcast on that channel. At the end of that news, around 7.25 pm, the second part of the live preview on Brazil-Belgium starts on VRT one. At about 7:50 pm Sporza switches live on that channel to the stadium in Kazan, where the kick-off of the Brazil-Belgium quarter-final takes place at 8:00 pm.

Belgium-Brazil live on TV at the NOS

The live TV broadcast of the NOS takes place on the Netherlands 1 (NPO1) channel. On that channel the Studio Russia program starts at around 7:15 pm, in which they preview the Brazil-Belgium match. At approximately 7.30 p.m., the NOS switches live to the stadium, where the teams from Brazil and Belgium enter the turf. Then the national anthems of Belgium and Brazil are sounded, after which the whistle signal from the referee sounds at 8:00 pm, with which this quarterfinal of the World Cup starts.

Livestream Belgium-Brazil

Livestream Sporza (Flanders / Belgium)

This match in the quarterfinals of the football World Cup between Belgium and Brazil can also be viewed on the internet via a live stream. The Flemish public broadcaster Sporza (VRT), for example, offers such a live stream. This allows you to watch the Belgium-Brazil quarter-final on Friday, July 6, 2018, for example on a smartphone, laptop or other computer.
However, the live stream of the Flemish Sporza is officially geo-restricted. This means that Sporza (VRT) only has the online broadcasting rights for the World Cup in Belgium. For other countries, the specific Sporza live stream is therefore 'geo-blocked'. Due to such broadcasting rights issues, one should officially watch the football World Cup matches only through the live stream of the broadcaster of the territory in which they are currently located. In Belgium you can watch the live stream of Sporza, but if you are in the Netherlands, you should watch the stream of the NOS.
The live stream of this quarter final of the 2018 World Cup can be found on the Sporza website. On the evening of Friday, July 6, that live stream from Belgium-Brazil can be found very clearly in various ways on this site. You can find such a link to the stream on the main page, but you can also find the live stream of this quarter final on Friday evening in the 'now live' menu. Sporza also broadcasts all other matches of the 2018 world championship per live stream. For every live stream of this football championship at Sporza (VRT) it is completely free, but also geo-restricted.

Livestream NOS (the Netherlands)

Just like the Flemish public broadcaster Sporza (VRT), the Dutch public broadcaster NOS (Studio Sport) also broadcasts all matches of the 2018 World Cup online per live stream. Also for every live stream of the NOS at this football championship it applies that it is free, but geo-restricted. Anyone who wants to watch this quarterfinal on the internet in the Netherlands should therefore officially watch the NOS live stream; for Dutch people, the Sporza stream is 'geo-blocked'. The live stream of this quarter final of the World Championship between Brazil and Belgium can be found on the NOS website on Friday evening. You can also find every live stream of this football championship via the NOS app. With the live stream of the NOS you can also watch the program Studio Russia (starting at around 19h20) prior to the quarter-final Brazil-Belgium, with a preview of this match.

Video: Brazil 1 - 2 Belgium LIVE. Statman Dave Watchalong (February 2020).

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