Pandora Recovery restores your lost files

It has probably happened to you sometimes. In an overactive mood you just clicked and deleted one or two files too much. And of course, in the same overactive mood, you immediately emptied the bin. Gone are your indispensable files. Nothing to do about it? Maybe so, thanks to Pandora Recovery

A full computer

There are probably a huge number of files on our computer. Texts, papers and probably a lot of photos and videos. It often happens that people save multiple versions of a certain paper or file. Nice, just to be sure. Then at least you can fall back on something that did or did not work if something went wrong. All those files, working documents, security copies and final versions of anything, it does not make it all clearer. And once in a while you make the courageous decision to keep a big cleanup. You may be motivated to take additional action if you discover with fright that you only have a limited number of MBs or GBs left.

A tidy computer

You energetically pick up the cleaning job. Still hesitant in the beginning, but you get the hang of it. You resolutely put all sorts of junk in the trash. Get rid of it. A super full trash can partially empty itself, but you occasionally lend a hand. You see how the free space on your computer starts to increase. Encouraged by this result, you continue. So. What a relief.

Something too tidy ...

You may not immediately find out the same day. Probably only one or two days later. Where have you saved that one photo again? That very nice one? And that funny video? No matter how you search, they are nowhere to be found. Then it comes to you with a heavy thump. Your cleaning operation! You have cleaned up too much and too well. Away. And what now?

Is it gone?

On your computer's hard drive, your file is not really thrown away with normal cleanup and trash emptying. Your hard drive is divided into a large number sectors, in which bits of your files are stored. In a special index it is kept up to date which pieces all belong together to form your file. If you throw something away, all those pieces will remain intact. The only thing that is emptied is a reference in the table of contents. This opens up possibilities to retrieve your data: it is about restoring the table of contents. You understand: as soon as you start saving new data, you run the risk that new information will be written in that table of contents. The sectors that contain parts of your file will also be refilled. A rescue operation is then no longer possible. If you have deleted something that you absolutely must retrieve, immediately stop saving all kinds of files, but first perform a rescue operation.

Pandora Recovery

To recover your lost data, you can use recovery software. A search on the internet will probably provide you with various products that can get the job done for you. One of those products is Pandora Recovery, which can be downloaded for free from //


Pandora Recovery is a free program. Because you still have to earn, you will have to deal with advertisements and offers. This way you will be directed to a download site, which will try to add all kinds of extra programs to your choice. If you don't want that, skip those steps. After the download, the installation starts and there, too, be careful, if you do not want to have all sorts of extras installed.


When you start Pandora, you will immediately see a Wizard that will guide you through the recovery process. You have three options:
  • You will see an explorer, with only the deleted files on screen
  • You search for specific files based on name, size or date
  • You show the system the last lost bit via a deep surface scan.

The last option is of course more labor-intensive and takes much more time. It is advisable to use the other options first, and use the latter as the 'last resort'.
Pandora's wizard
Overview of lost files

Success or not?

After Pandora has completed the search for lost files, you will see a list. If you see red-colored items, then you are out of luck. These have already been completely or partially overwritten, and therefore not recoverable. The other items probably. Because you can view a preview of certain types of files, you can easily see whether you have focused your recovery on the right file.

Video: Pandora Recovery - Find, preview, and restore permanently deleted files - Download Video Previews (February 2020).

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