Caviar sounds and behavior

This article is about what sounds guinea pigs make and what they can mean by that. It is also about behavior and how it might be that they behave so crazy occasionally.


Guinea pigs can produce a lot of noise, especially if they hear that you have something to eat. They also make many small sounds against each other, so they communicate with each other just like we talk. Here the sounds are described and when they can produce those sounds.

Wiepen / beeping loudly

They do this especially when they are hungry or when they hear, for example, a plastic bag that they associate with getting food. So they do it to get your attention, young guinea pigs do this so the mother can find them again. It sounds like wiep wiep wip, that is why it is also called wiping.


If the guinea pig whistles, he will let the other guinea pigs know that danger is imminent. So he is afraid of something and feels threatened. You will not experience this as often as it is right.

Soft grunt and beeps

When the guinea pig does this he feels very happy and satisfied. He often makes this sound to other guinea pigs to make social contact, he can also do this to you.

Chattering teeth

If they chatter at each other they have a fight, watch out because sometimes this is the start of a fight. They do this to impress. If they chatter at you it can be for various reasons. They chatter their teeth because they feel threatened, for example, if you go into their house with your hand, then you enter their territory and some guinea pigs don't like that.

Grunt / "prrten"

Sometimes guinea pigs make a short sound that sounds a bit like prrrrrt, a kind of grunt. This is often a reaction to a sound or movement that scares them or finds it unpleasant. It can serve as a kind of warning but often there is nothing wrong when you hear this sound.

Long-term prrrr

If they do this, they are often fussy, which means that the guinea pig finds it time to mate. Very often they do a kind of dance with this, they wiggle around a bit and then squeeze. In this way he tries to decorate the other guinea pig.


Sometimes guinea pigs behave somewhat strangely. For example, they often jump into the air like a goat. They do this when they are very happy. This is what this category is about. Because it is nice if you know whether your guinea pig is a happy guinea pig or not.

Jumping / Pop cornen

Often the guinea pigs jump around wildly and sometimes make squeaks. When they do this they feel very happy. It looks like a dance of joy, it is very nice to see, they feel at ease and trust the environment.

Walk one after the other

This looks like a kind of guinea pig train. They do this because they are used to it naturally. This makes them less vulnerable as a prey. The front guinea pig is often the dominant guinea pig that then determines where they are going to walk.

Take shelter

Guinea pigs love to hide under something. This is also because they naturally contain this for protection. Their vision is also very different from ours. Guinea pigs see everything from the top and nothing below them, so they feel safer when they are sitting underneath.

Gnawing a lot

They naturally gnaw a lot, because they are rodents. If they gnaw a lot, this can be a sign that the guinea pig is bored. If you only have a guinea pig then consider taking a friend so that your guinea pig is happy. This can also mean that the guinea pig suffers from stress.

To bite

If your guinea pig bites you, he will probably try to see if your finger is not a carrot. If he does this often, you can unlearn this by throwing out a high scream like ieeehh. This helps because high sounds indicate that you or another guinea pig is in pain and he will not do this anymore. This can also be due to stress if, for example, it is always busy around the guinea pig cage.

Eating poops

Guinea pigs eat their own stools, this is normal and even necessary. There are good substances for the guinea pigs and is therefore normal behavior.

Wiggle / Dance

They do this to mate, see "long-lasting prrrr" with sounds.

Video: Western Digital Caviar Blue Eratic Behaviour (February 2020).

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