Women's football: Algarve Cup 2019, live on TV and live stream

The Algarve Cup 2019 begins in Portugal on Tuesday 26 February. This is a practice tournament for national teams in women's football. The final of the Algarve Cup 2019 is on Wednesday, March 6. The Netherlands is one of the countries participating in this women's football tournament. The matches of the Oranje Leeuwinnen at the Algarve Cup can be watched live on TV and can be followed online via live stream.

History and list of honor of the Algarve Cup

The Algarve Cup is organized annually. The first edition took place in 1994. That year the final was between Norway and the United States. Norway won 1-0. The two finalists of that first edition would become the two most successful countries in the history of this invitation tournament. The United States won the Algarve Cup ten times in total. Norway is in second place with four final victories. However, it should be noted that all of Norway's final victories took place during the tournament's start time: in 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
The third place in the ranking of most successful teams in the history of the Algarve Cup is shared by Germany and Sweden. These two countries both won three times. China won the Algarve Cup twice. Two countries won this tournament once: Spain and Canada.

Netherlands on the Algarve Cup

The Dutch national women's team has participated in this tournament five times. The Netherlands finished sixth in 1995 and 1998. In 1997 and 2017 the Orange soccer women achieved fifth place in the final ranking of the Algarve Cup. In 2018, the Netherlands reached the final of this tournament. However, due to extremely harsh weather conditions, that final was canceled, with the result that both finalists (the Netherlands and Sweden) were declared winners of the tournament.


The Algarve is a region in the south of Portugal. Until 1976, Algarve was also the official name of the southernmost Portuguese province. However, this administrative area was then given a new name: Faro District. The city of Faro is the most important place in this region. The Algarve is a very popular area with tourists.

Selection the Netherlands

Which players have been selected by national coach Sarina Wiegman for the Algarve Cup 2019? The selection of the Oranje Leeuwinnen consists of the following players: Daniëlle van de Donk (Arsenal FC), Lieke Martens (FC Barcelona), Kika van Es (Ajax), Sisca Folkertsma (Twente), Loes Geurts (Göteborg FC), Stefanie van der Gragt (FC Barcelona), Jackie Groenen (Frankfurt), Ellen Jansen (Ajax), Sari van Veenendaal (Arsenal FC), Renate Jansen (Twente), Inessa Kaagman (Everton FC), Danique Kerkdijk (FC Bristol City), Lize Kop (Ajax), Desiree van Lunteren (Freiburg), Vivianne Miedema (Arsenal FC), Aniek Nouwen (PSV Eindhoven), Lineth Beerensteyn (FC Bayern Munich), Dominique Bloodworth (Arsenal FC), Merel van Dongen (Real Betis Sevilla), Sherida Spitse (Valerenga), Ashleigh Weerden (Twente) Victoria Pelova (ADO The Hague) and Jill Roord (FC Bayern Munich).

Preparation World Cup women's football 2019

For most teams, this practice tournament in 2019 is mainly devoted to the preparation for the World Cup women's football to be played in France in the summer of 2019. The Netherlands is in the first round of the 2019 Women's World Cup in Pool E. On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, the Orange Lionesses will play their first match at this Women's World Cup: the Netherlands - New Zealand.

Draw and schedule: Algarve Cup 2019

What is the schedule for the Algarve Cup tournament? In total, all teams play three games at this tournament. In the first round they play two group matches. The final scores in the groups then determine who will be playing in the third (and therefore last) match. The two teams that were the best in the group stage in terms of points and goals, eventually play the game for the overall victory in this tournament. The Netherlands is in one group with Spain and Poland.

Draw: group division pool phase Algarve Cup 2019

  • Group A: Canada, Scotland and Iceland.
  • Group B: the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.
  • Group C: China, Norway and Denmark.
  • Group D: Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland.

Program Netherlands at the Algarve Cup 2019

The Netherlands is playing in the first round against Spain and Poland. The Netherlands-Spain match is on 27 February, the kick-off is at 6:15 pm. The Netherlands-Poland match takes place on March 4, the kick-off of that international match is at 6.30 pm Both group matches of the Orange Lionesses are played in the Estadio Municipal de Bela Vista in Parchal (Portugal).

The Netherlands at the Algarve Cup 2019:

  • Wed. 27 February at 6:15 pm: the Netherlands-Spain 0-2
  • Ma. March 4 at 6:30 pm: the Netherlands-Poland 0-1
  • Wed. March 6 (Final Round): the Netherlands-China 1-1 (the Netherlands w.n.s.)

Practice matches after the Algarve Cup and before the World Cup

In the run-up to the 2019 Women's World Cup, the Oranje Leeuwinnen will play various exhibition games in the spring of 2019. These include the Netherlands-Mexico (April 5) and the Netherlands-Chile (April 9).

Algarve Cup 2019 live on TV

Live on which channel? Veronica

The matches of the Dutch women's football team at the Algarve Cup are broadcast live on TV by Veronica TV. This channel has been the regular media partner of the Oranje Leeuwinnen since 2017. In 2018, however, they did not broadcast this women's football tournament live (they left the live TV broadcasts to FOX Sports). Partly due to the success in terms of viewing figures of the broadcasts of the Oranje Leeuwinnen, it was decided to broadcast the Algarve Cup live in 2019.

What time do live TV broadcasts start?

What time do the live TV broadcasts of the Oranje Leeuwinnen start at the Algarve Cup 2019? The live broadcasts of Veronica Tv start in principle on all days at 6 pm.

Broadcast schedule: Algarve Cup 2019 live on TV

  • Wed. 27 February at 6:00 pm: the Netherlands-Spain
  • Ma. March 4 at 6:00 pm: the Netherlands-Poland
  • Wed. March 6 (Final Round): the Netherlands-China

Women's football live at Veronica: spring 2019

In addition to the Algarve Cup, Veronica will also be broadcasting some other Dutch practice games in the spring of 2019 (on TV and live stream). The next international matches to be broadcast live are the Netherlands-Mexico (5 April) and the Netherlands-Chile (9 April).

Algarve Cup: FOX Sports in 2018, Veronica in 2019

Since 2017, the Veronica Tv channel has the exclusive broadcasting rights (live TV and live stream) for the World Cup qualification matches of the Orange Lionesses and also for the practice matches that the Dutch women's football team plays in the Netherlands. For practice matches outside the Netherlands, people do not automatically have the broadcasting rights (live TV and live stream), but they are officially the first candidates to be allowed to buy them. In 2018 this practice tournament did not use it, so it will in 2019. This is great news for many Dutch fans of women's football. To view the 2018 live broadcasts, they had to have a subscription to FOX Sports. In 2019, however, the matches can be seen on Veronica, which is included in the basic channel package of digital TV for most Dutch people.

Livestream Algarve Cup 2019

Livestream Veronica

The matches of the Dutch soccer women at the Algarve Cup 2019 can also be followed live online via a live stream. With such a live stream you can watch the games of the Oranje Leeuwinnen at the Algarve Cup 2019 live on, for example, a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other type of computer.

Broadcast schedule free live stream Algarve Cup 2019

  • Wednesday, February 27, live stream from around 6:00 pm: the Netherlands-Spain
  • Monday, March 4, live stream from around 6:00 pm: the Netherlands-Poland
  • Wednesday, March 6 from 6:00 pm: the Netherlands-China

Free Livestream Algarve Cup

The live stream of the matches for the Algarve Cup 2019 is completely free. The broadcasts of this free live stream start at the same time as the live TV broadcasts (at 6 pm). The livestream can be found at these competitions on the Veronica Tv website.

Log in for live stream

To view such a free live stream of the matches of the Oranje Leeuwinnen, one has to log in on the Veronica website. You do not necessarily have to have a specific account from, for example, Veronica, Kijk or SBS Broadcasting to log in to that official live stream. You can also log in to the live stream with a Facebook account.

Livestream Go App

You can also watch the matches of the Netherlands on the Algarve Cup 2019 via a live stream on the Go App (online TV). With that application you can watch TV on a smartphone or computer via a live stream. This streaming service is Ziggo's app. Ziggo customers can use this app to watch every channel from their TV package via live stream. Among the channels that can be watched per live stream is therefore Veronica TV, on which the Algarve Cup is broadcast live. Every Ziggo Go live stream can be viewed throughout the EU. (This is in contrast to the live stream of Veronica which can only be viewed in the Netherlands.) Outside the EU, the live stream of the Go App is 'geo-blocked'.

NLsees live stream

It is also possible to watch the live broadcasts of the Algarve Cup per live stream at NLziet. Through that app, many Dutch viewers can be watched per live stream, including Veronica Tv. However, one must have a subscription to NLziet in order to view a live stream with them.

2018: Live Stream FOX Sports

In 2018 there was only an official live stream of the Algarve Cup in the Netherlands on the FOX Sports Go App. To view such a live stream, people had to have a fixed subscription with FOX Sports. In that respect it is therefore an improvement for many Dutch women's football fans that in 2019 one can watch these matches via an official free live stream.

Previous edition: results Orange Lionesses at Algarve Cup 2018

  • Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 4.30 pm: the Netherlands-Japan 6-2
  • Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7.30 pm: Netherlands-Denmark 3-2
  • Monday, March 5, 2018 at 4.40 pm: Iceland-the Netherlands 0-0
  • Wednesday March 7, 2018 at 7.30 pm: the Netherlands - Sweden final, canceled due to weather conditions

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